Watercolor Brushes - Round Pointed Tip Paint Brushes For Fine Painting And Detailing - Acrylic Watercolor Oil Ink And Facepaint - Set Of 10 Quality Anti-Shedding Nylon Brushes With Secure Ferrules

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  • ANTI-SHEDDING BRISTLES - Nylon brushes are secured with high quality aluminum ferrules. Durable brushes won't loosen or fall apart - built to last.

  • ASSORTED SIZES - Set of 10 brushes in various sizes (sizes 000, 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10) will meet your painting needs, from thick strokes to fine detailing. Can be used with all kind of paints - acrylic, watercolor, oil, ink, facepaints, even nail art. Average brush length is 8.6 inches.

  • ROUND POINTED TIP - Brush tips are round and pointed, to provide smooth painting. This tip design also enables good holding capacity, control, and accuracy.

  • EASY CARE - Simply clean brushes with warm water immediately after use (or follow paint manufacturer's instructions) and reshape brush tip. Store in packaging after thoroughly dry until the next painting project!

  • MANUFACTURER'S LIFETIME WARRANTY - If there are any issues with your product, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund and send you a new replacement. You don't have to return the product.

IF YOU HAVE A DETAILING OR PAINTING PROJECT, THIS SET OF PAINT BRUSHES WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS!Arty Crafter Paint Brushes are built with durable quality nylon bristle and ferrules - they won't fall apart!Assorted brush sizes will give you a range of strokes, from wide to narrow for precise detailing.Check out the benefits of Arty Crafter Round Pointed Tip Paint Brushes: - Round pointed tips provide smooth painting and detailing with accuracy.
- Anti-shedding bristles are fastened with durable ferrules.
- Assorted brush sizes will meet your detailing and painting needs.CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW - Get a set for you and one for the budding artist in your life!