Tibetan Incense From Kumbum Monastery Buddhist Holy Land,Kumbum Tibetan Medical Hospital Incense,Handmade Incense

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  • Handmade in Kumbum tibetan medical hospital QingHai

  • 100%Natural No Artificial Fragrance

  • The Buddhist Prayer blessing

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  • Color : Gray

Containing about 75 incense sticks Length of about 20CM burn time of about 40 minutes per sticks. Each incense stick diameter about 3mm This incense sticks with 25 kinds of natural spices and precious herbs with this, smoked incense so Buddhas and Fukuda successful disaster to remove obstacles, its fragrance lovers, through full physical and mental, make you feel comfortable quiet comfortable. This incense is preventing the spread of disease. Buddhism believers think bless burn this incense sticks can get the gods.