The Ultimate Clothesline Laundry Drying Rack With 18 Clips For Clothes And Intimates In Stainless Steel By Laundry Science

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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN. The Ultimate Clothesline Hanging Rack was designed by Jen and Emily of Laundry Science to be the best hanging rack. Super strong and versatile Duck attachment point, perfect blend of stainless steel and plastic, ideal rectangular shape, adjustable comfort clips. Naturally air dry large amounts of laundry.

  • LARGE CAPACITY. Up to 12 lbs. Up to 6 pairs of jeans. Up to 10 shirts. Up to 18 small items. Any combination. Use Your Own Hangers. Slide 2 Adjustable Clips Together to Secure Heavier Clothing or clothing on hangers.

  • REPLACES BULKY FLOOR RACKS. The same capacity as floor racks 4 to 5 times larger. Easy to store. Use anywhere.

  • GUARNATEED. Manufactured to meet Jen and Emily's demanding specifications. 1 Year No Questions Asked Guarantee. We use the Duck Hanging Rack everyday. We believe in and stand behind our products.

  • PROVEN AND TESTED. Tens of thousands' use the Ultimate Clothesline to naturally air dry their clothing. 83% of our Amazon customers have given this product a 5 star rating.

  • Color : Blue

  • Size : 18 Clips

The Ultimate Clothesline 18-clip laundry drying rack is designed to be the ideal rack to naturally air dry clothing and intimates. The rack's rectangular shape and 18 comfort clips provide optimal air-drying for items large and small. The best-in-class Duck 5-way attachment point allows this rack to be securely hung from a shower rod or lines and attached or clamped to a surface when fully loaded. The rack can support hangers in addition to heavier items of clothing. This rack's stainless steel and durable plastic construction allow for use in the home or outdoors. Just take your laundry out of the washing machine and either clip your clothes onto the rack or place them on a hanger and clip it to the rack to naturally air dry your clothing. It is that simple. Click the Add to Cart button to get the best-in-class Ultimate Clothesline.