Replacement Round Dish Bowl Lid Oil Warmers Tart Burners 4 For Plug In Warmers

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  • Good replacement for the smaller wavy bowls that come with most plug in warmers.

  • Allows you to use different scent products and you are not limited to just oils

  • More stable they do not move around as much as the smaller wavy ones

  • Color : Clear

Clear Round Replacement dish bowl for oil warmer tart burners etc. 4 inches in diameter. I use these to replace the small wavy dishes that come with most Plug In warmers, I haven't found that they touch the wall even though they are larger. These give a good alternative especially if you like use wax tarts. Even though these are larger I find I still need to break a small piece off the tart, because a standard Yankee tart will fill it completely when melted. I also prefer these because they seem more stable.