Pre Poo Poop Spray Before You Go No 2. Bathroom Air Freshener Toilet Spray -Predeux Florida Woods Scent

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  • Concentrated ALL NATURAL Before You Go Poo Spray

  • Toilet spray that Eliminates foul bathroom odors BEFORE they become a problem

  • Pre-poop spray Last 4x longer than traditional air freshener aerosol sprays

  • Over 300 uses of Aromatherapy air freshener bathroom deodorizing spray

  • We donate 10% of sales towards Hurricane Relief awareness and research. More causes related to scents are available. Check Seller's page for more options

We Donate 10% of sales towards Hurricane Relief and awareness.

  • At least 100 Uses per 2 oz bottle
  • A luxurious blend of Citrus, Herbs, and Cedarwood
  • Prior to Deux, shake well and coat bowl with 3-5 sprays. Proceed to Deux as usual. PreDeux may also be used as an air deodorizer. If you are a Super-Deuxer, consider 1-2 sprays in the air to leave the area smelling absolutely luxurious and better than when you arrived.