Poo Spray-Before You Go Toilet Spray-2 Oz-Bitter Sweet

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  • ALL NATURAL- Concentrated Before You Go Poo Spray

  • ODOR TRAPPING-Our poop spray blend traps foul odors inside the toilet bowl before they become a problem.

  • TSA APPROVED PACKAGE!-Great for Travel

  • LONG LASTING- Poop spray that last 4 x longer than traditional aerosol sprays

  • GIVE BACK-We donate 10% of sales towards Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

  • Color : material

We Donate 10% of sales towards Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

  • A delightful blend of Grapefruit, Vanilla, and Orange
  • Over 100 uses of funk fightin' power per bottle
  • Your poop stinks! Its ok. Everyone's poops stinks. Have you ever been so embarrassed to use the restroom at work, the office, a friends house, or a public location because you know you're gonna blow it up? Well we have the product for you.

    PreDeux is an all natural Before you No 2 Toilet spray that eliminates foul odors Before they become a problem. It's safe, its effective and it's really to use. Before you handle your business, you simply shake the bottle, spray the surface of the toilet water 3-5 times and enjoy dropping your deux off with the peace of mind of an odor free environment. Each scent of PreDeux represents a cause such as mental health awareness, breast cancer awareness,and suicide prevention that we donate 10% towards. We turn crappy into happy!