New Threadnanny Roll Of Thick Tear Away Backing For Embroidery / Quilting Machines - 10 In X 100 Yards

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  • Can be used for all fabrics, special Heavy Weight backing where you need Extra support

  • 1 Roll: 10 Inches wide x 100 Yards Long

  • bi-directional - it tears in both directions.

  • Cut to your own size requirements and reduce wastage

  • Good for any type of machine

  • Color : White

  • Size : 10 x100yds Thick

New roll of HIGH QUALITY 10 inches x 100 Yards of TEAR AWAY BACKING for Embroidery / Quilting Machines. This Heavy weight tearaway stabilizer is recommended for all fabrics, specially where you need additional support for your fabric. It is bi-directional which means it tears in both directions. You can cut this to the size you need whether large or small. This will last you a long time. You can use this on any machine of your choice both home and industrial machines should be fine.