Microsuede Bedrest Pillow Green - Best Bed Rest Pillows With Arms For Reading In Bed

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  • Large Size - the width of this pillow offers plenty of space for individuals of all sizes seeking support while reading or watching TV in bed

  • Firm support - this firm cushion of this pillow assists you in sitting upright while you read, write, watch TV, or just lounge in bed. It's even great for breastfeeding

  • Arm support - the long, thick arms of this pillow provide plush support for your arms. These helpful arms also help the pillow stay erect

  • Stands easily - the bed rest pillow is engineered with a stable structure that easily stands on its own whether you are on the floor, bed, couch, etc. This means no more slouching pillows when you get up

  • Multiple colors - the soft, micro suede cover is available in ten different colors so you can match your decor easily. The luxurious Outer shell is quick and easy to clean, so you can spend more time relaxing

  • Color : Green

  • Size : Green

The microscope bed rest pillow makes lounging in bed a breeze. Have you been ordered on bed rest following Surgery, or some other medical procedure perhaps you are in the midst of a difficult Pregnancy, and have to spend far more time in bed than which you have become accustomed maybe you just prefer to spend your spare time lounging in bed, watching Movies and reading your favorite novels whatever the reason for your extended periods of bed rest, whether it was medically ordered or personally prescribed, staying in bed for long amounts of time can be a pain, literally. A pain in your neck, a pain in your back, and a pain in the. Well, you get the point. . . What you need is the microscope bed rest pillow, from Deluxe comfort. Its firm support helps you sit upright in bed without all the aches and pains you experience with regular pillows. This excellent pillow stands securely on its own, so it won't slouch or fall over when you get up, nor will it topple over when you lean back on it. The arms of this pillow are long and thick, providing an even more stable base. The perfect plushness of these arms is just right to rest your arms, while reading or watching television. . The microscope bed rest pillow is both a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to all your bed rest woes. The smooth cover is both soothing to the touch, and easy to clean. It is available in ten different colors, so you should have no problem finding the one you want. The large width of this pillow makes it ideal for all body types. . Beat the bed rest blues and order today