Lpgi Led Zeppelin Icarus Fabric Poster, 30 By 40-Inch

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  • Cool wall poster or hang it anywhere

  • Excellent gift

  • 100-Percent polyester, to be washed in gentle cycle and tumble dry

  • Iron on cool

This LPGI Fabric Poster features Led Zeppelin Icarus. Fabric Posters are the art of choice for music fans. Large 30 x 40 Fabric Posters feature vibrant graphics on soft as silk polyester. They are great alternatives to paper posters; they do not rip, they can be moved from place to place easily and they can be sent anywhere with inexpensive postage. Showcase the Fabric Posters on walls, over lamps, or anywhere. Fabric Posters make for very cool unique gifts. Shown in movies and TV shows, the LPGI Fabric Poster is becoming more popular with the cool crowd. Show your affinity for your favorite bands and artists with LPGI Fabric Posters.