Lovous 3000 Pcs Water Beads, Crystal Soil Water Bead Gel, Wedding Decoration Vase Filler - Furniture Decorative Vase Filler, All Occasion Table Centerpiece Decorations (Yellow)

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  • Jelly Water Beads Grow Many Times Original Size, Fun for All Ages.

  • High quality Crystal Soil, Non-fade, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable.

  • Each color looks so beautiful and clear when it expands large, Many uses for decoration - weddings, showers, centerpieces, table, plant decoration, orbeez toy refill.

  • Can be used for Potting soil. Makes a great irrigation system to water plants slowly. Can be used for Air fragrances too when these beads absorb it and release the fresh air.

  • Water Reducing, Color Gel, Easy Fun, Expands in water, Indoor Premium Soil Substitute, Unlimited Creations, Store & Release, Reduce your plant watering by 50%, 100% Non Toxic, Environment Friendly, & Biodegradable!

  • Color : Yellow

Ideal for candle, silk & cut flower arrangements, centerpieces and more... ? Less expensive and more attractive than marbles or stones ? Ideal for home decor, crafts, floral departments and more!