Longwin Crystal Slipper Glass Figurine Party Centerpiece Clear

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  • Material: K9 Crystal

  • Item Length:130mm(5 ),width:30mm(1.2 ),height:70mm(2.7 )

  • Packed in a pink gift box

  • Can be used as wedding gift and party centerpiece

  • Great present for fantasy lovers, crystal collection or any other festival gift

  • Color : Clear

Material:K9 Crystal, which is one of the highest quality and most durable Optical Glass-Crystals on the market and is prized for not only its clarity but its durability in addition to being affordable. K9 Crystal is the choice of crystal used to make prisms for lasers! K9 has the same physical properties as 24% leaded crystal as it polishes, shines as well as sparkles the same as 24% leaded glass (crystal), but doesn't have the lead, it is lighter than leaded glass and more durable.
Can be used as wedding gift, aslo a perfect gift for fantasy lovers, crystal collectors and princesses of all ages