Lohome Toe Socks, Cotton Non-Slip Women'S Toe Toppers Socks Toe Separating Socks No-Show Half Socks Barre Pilates Yoga Half Palm Socks Ballet Grip Sock For Summer (4, Skin Color)

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  • These soft, stretchy toe socks do more than just separate your toes--they cushion them, too!

  • Five-toe design separates and aligns the toes and foot for proper foot motion

  • reduces friction and rubbing, helping prevents corn, calluses, blisters from developing on the toes.

  • Fabric keeps your feet dry, especially between toes, helping prevent athlete's foot. Absorb sweat, breathable effect is good. Good for health.

  • This women's Toe Toppers Socks help you stay fashionable and comfortable in mules and clogs

  • Cover the front half of the foot, protecting toes from the irritation of shoes!

  • Easy to match. Stretchy, One size fits most. Ideal for wearing with sling-backs, pumps, mules, clogs, and flats.

  • Color : Skin Color


These soft and stretchy Toe Separating Socks help align overlapping or crowded toes.

Also promote blister prevention and helps lock foot creams in place to better moisturize and nourish skin.

Versatile and comfortable with most shoes, these do way more than just separate toes!

Five-toe sock cushions the toes, ball of foot, the top of the foot for pain relief from bunions, hammertoes, overlapping toes, corns, calluses, blisters, and other common toe problems.

Non-slip grip design, more stick the feet. Soft and comfortable, absorb sweat, breathable effect is good. Good for health.

Great for lounging around the house, exercise or keeping toes warm.

Easy to match. Stretchy, one size fits most.

Allows you to safely practice. Enhances balance and stability with no slip yoga socks.

Protects feet from exposure to foot fungus. Grip Socks for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Dancing.

The open foot, half toe design helps increase the blood circulation in your feet and toes.

It also allows your feet to stay cool while also wicking away moisture to maintain your grip on the ground.