Lohome Silicone Forefoot Pads, Women'S High-Heeled Fore Foot Cushion Sole Protectors Herringbone Toe Caps Covers Pads Toe Separating Socks (1)

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  • A foot cushion that can acts as a sock! Prevent sticky feet and get cushion absorption!

  • A trendy chic new alternative to sweaty feet or pained soles

  • Absorbent, antibacterial, deodorization and non-slip.

  • Designed to slip onto your toe for full frontal sole coverage. One size fits most.

  • Provides complete toe protection extends beneath the metatarsal heads.

  • Cushions, supports and protects feet. Ideal for closed and open-toed shoes, invisible with any shoes. Eliminates the burning sensation in the balls of feet.

  • Color : Skin


No worries about the sweat when you wear flats or high-heeled shoes. Organic cotton is well breathable, absorb the sweat efficiently.

This item is a very fashionable and functional super soft forefoot pad. Flip dyke heel invisible shoes pad slip resistant half yard pad.

Cushions and supports while effectively absorbing shock and shear forces.

Toe Caps Covers Soft Pads Cushions Protectors Which Provides Immediate Pain and Pressure Relief.

A small practical gadget that care for your foot. It's soft and easy to use.

How to care: Delicate Cycle Wash & Air-Dry.