Liquatec Mh09-1812Wh Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing - White

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  • Thicker body for better durability

  • Stronger membrane cup design to prevent cracking

  • Utilizes a flat gasket and an o-ring to ensure a true double o-ring seal

  • Eliminates the common problem of bypass of brine water (waste water) to the permeate (drinking water) side

  • Color : White

  • Size : Single Unit

The MH03-1812WH Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane White Housing is constructed of durable polypropylene. The structural integrity of the housing material is tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42. If you do not have a standard sized RO membrane, you can easily replace your current housing with this membrane housing. Standard RO membranes are usually less expensive than specially sized membranes by brand name manufacturers. If you have a manifold system, you will not be able to replace your membrane housing with this model, since a manifold system makes connections in the plastic head without using tubing. To make the switch easily with other standard RO systems: 1) use 1/8-inch FPT x 1/4-inch fittings to connect the housing's 1/8-inch threaded connection to 1/4-inch tubing OR 2) Use 1/8-inch FPT x 3/8-inch fitting to connect the housing's 1/8-inch threaded connection to 3/8-inch tubing. Most RO systems use the first option: 1/4-inch outside diameter tubing for the water lines. You will need 3 fittings to connect the RO membrane housing to your reverse osmosis system. If you currently have fittings from your old membrane housing, you can reuse those fittings.