Ling'S Moment Mini Dream Catchers, Boho Wedding Party Favor, Baby Shower, Birthday Gift, Bedroom Wall Ornaments, Car Hanging Decoration, White Feather, Set Of 3

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  • Handmade item

  • This listing is for a SET OF 3 bohemian dreamcatchers,Perfect size dreamcatchers for wedding favors, bridal shower favors or bohemian themed parties,boho wall decoration, kids bedroom, birthday gift, car pendent. Also more suitable for other occasion

  • Size: 3.9 inch diameter & 7.8 inch LONG!. (SET OF 3!) white 3 pcs

  • MATERIALS: cream cotton yarn, mini hoops, white feathers,cotton crochet

  • Color : White Feather

Dreamcatcher originated in the North American tribe formerly known as the Ojibwe. It is one of the most popular gift items the American Southwest.

Among the local American Indians, Dreamcatcher is considered by filtration dream, a bad dream to be caught in the net, and allows good dreams. Good dreams because they know the way through the network - slipped quietly through the center hole and then slid into the sleeper's mind. Those bad dreams do not know the way, is mounted in the net, then disappear at dawn

Dreamcatcher hung anywhere in the room hanging in the house to make all people have dreams.