Lingear Thermo-Hygrometer Lcd Temperature Moisture Meter With Data Storage Function, Multi-Functional Thermohygrometer Indoor Humidity Monitor Digital Hygrometer With Alarm Clock

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  • This product measures the relative humidity and relevant comfort degree. It can be operated easily and is the ideal instrument for use in field, laboratory, workshop and home applications.

  • Real time indications of temperature and humidity fluctuations in humidity. Storage of max.and min. temperatures and humidity values are available. It Can also give you idea of what the forecast is. Has a little spot on the top of the screen which shows you the moon and what phase it is in.

  • Large LCD display. Power supplied by 1 x 1.5V AAA battery. It's small, compact, and light weight, but stands up nicely on its own. The display is easy to read.

  • Alarm clock: Not only does it function as a thermo-hygrometer, but also as a calendar and clock. It can display the current time and date as a clock date and time. What's more, it has an alarm function.

  • MULTI-TASKING Function: The alarm rings every 5 minutes until switched off. This is a very useful product to have. In its always-on configuration, it quickly tells you the time, date, day-of-week, and more importantly, the temperature and humidity of the room. Taking into account all the information it displays, it's more useful than iPhone and thermostat, combined!

  • Color : Black


Color: Black
Temperature:0- 5-32- 122
Accuracy: 1.55%
Power:1 PCS* 1.5 VOLT AG10 or LR1130
Humidity: 20% to 95%

1. Time Setting:

1) With a BI sound, the display showing 12:00, 1/1, WED(DAY), and the temperature is the present condition.
2) Press and hold SET key for 3 seconds to enter time setting mode, the 12 hr flashing. Press AJDUST key to select 12hr/24hr mode.
3) Press SET key to word is flashing them press ADJUST to set hour then press SET key to confirm and enter the setting of minute, then press MODE key to confirm the setting.

2. Date Setting:
1) Press MODE key twice to enter Date Setting.
2) Press and hold SET key for 3 seconds to enter date setting mode. Press ADJUST key to set year then press SET to enter the month setting.
3) Follow the above when the number of the month is flashing, press ADJUST to set the month.
4) Press the SET key again, using ADJUST to set the date.(Week will be automatically set.) Then press MODE confirms the setting.

3. Alarm Setting:
1) At normal condition, press MODE key to enter Alarm Time.
2) Press and hold SET key for 3 Seconds to enter Alarm setting. Press ADJUST to set the alarm time. It is the same as the time setting, must press MODE to confirm the time.

Package included:

1 * Thermo-Hygrometer
1 * Instruction