Linentablecloth 108-Inch Round Satin Tablecloth Pink

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  • Serged edges

  • Machine-washable

  • Made from a single piece of cloth

  • 100% woven polyester (Dacron)

  • Color : Pink

A Round Satin Table Cover can be used as a stand alone tablecloth, or combined with other fine table linens such as a satin table runner or an organza overlay in a complementary color. These linens make an impression: they're smooth to the touch, they shimmer in candlelight. Simply stated, a 108 inch round pink satin tablecloth will add beauty and elegance to any formal table linen setting.

Our satin tablecloths come in a wide variety of colors that can be matched with our economic polyester napkins. Or, if you want to give your guests the best, try combining these fine satin table linens with the superior touch of our cotton-feel Ambassador Napkins, which can be color matched with our satin linens, or any of our other table linens, for that matter. These 108 inch round satin tablecloths are seamless (made from a single piece of cloth), and feature serged edges that give a finished look of elegance.