Laundry Lasso - Take Back Your Laundry Room: Prevent Front Load Washer Mold, Mildew, And Odors

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  • Take Back your laundry room - Prevent Mold, Mildew, and Odors

  • Bungee Effect keeps your door open and securely out of the way

  • Universal -Works on ANY Brand / Model front Load Washer

  • Fully Adjustable and Flexible design allows you to set your desired gap, stop wasting money on tablets and cleaners

  • Patent Pending, Easy to Install, No Tools Required, Won't Damage Your Machine

  • Color : Black/Yellow

The Laundry Lasso is the only universal and fully adjustable way to keep your front load washing machine door open and securely out of the way. The Bungee Effect allows the door to return to its preset position in the event it does get pushed or bumped. The Laundry Lasso helps you prevent the mold, mildew, and odors that front load washing machines are notorious for. Stop wasting $10-$20 a month buying tablets and cleaners for your thousand dollar HE washer, the Laundry Lasso is the only one time purchase you will ever need. Featuring vacuum sealing suction cups and military grade elastic cord, the Laundry Lasso provides incredible strength without damaging your machine. The Laundry Lasso stays securely attached to your machine when you are washing your clothes, so it's always there ready to go. Designed by a United States Marine, The Laundry Lasso comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to work. ****Attention Cold Weather Climate Customers **** Please Allow the Laundry Lasso to come to Room Temperature before using. Thank you.