Latom Vinyl Shelf Liner Paper Rolls, Non-Adhesive&Non-Slip Cabinet Drawer Liners (12 Inch Wide X 5 Feet Long X 2 Rolls, Light Blue)

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  • Come with 2 rolls,each roll is 12 inch by 5 feet, sturdy and durable.

  • Flexible solid ethylene-vinyl(EVA) material, BPA free, odor and stains free, mildew and moisture free, waterproof, safe to place produce, fruit and vegetables in refrigerator bins/trays.

  • This protective shelf paper has a polka dots textured design on top side while bottom is smooth pattern,good grip and removable,nonslip and non stick,no sticky residue after changing them out.

  • A bit thicker makes it easy to cut to fit and lays flat after cutting,they don't rip easily,and you don't feel every crack and crevice that's beneath the liner when using it in your tool box/chest.

  • Easy to clean, just wipes clean with a damp sponge when get dirty, also washable, great for kitchen/pantry cupboards or camper cabinet drawers protected organization,great gift for housewarming.

  • Color : Blue

Latom brings you best shelf liners to keep your stored items & shelves clean and protected. Use them in your cabinets, pantries, refrigerators & laundry rooms. You will never have to wipe your protected surfaces again C simply throw your liners in the wash and reuse them. The cut to fit line pattern makes it easy to cut even pieces that will fit in any size drawer or shelf. These shelf liners will help keep your home clean & tidy all year long.

* Multipurpose

Kitchen cabinet/cupboards
Bathroom drawers/bathroom vanity
Under sink
Table runner
Renters or dorms shelf/drawer
Closet drawer, kitchen drawers, cooking drawers, art drawers, craftsman drawer, knife & pan drawer, silverware or junk drawer, babies room or kids room drawer

Package Details:

2 rolls Shelf Liner Paper(Blue)