Lasko 5624 Low Profile Silent Room Heater, Black

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  • Warranty Description: 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

  • Heating Element: Ceramic

  • Please note that this heater's convection heat will heat the room evenly without fan noise but because convection heat circulates heat more slowly, it will take longer to heat the room than a heater with a fan.

  • Power Wattage Output: 1500 Watts

  • Safety and Security Features: Auto Shutoff, Tip-Over Protection

  • Settings

  • high heat, thermostat controlled, timer

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Color : Black

  • Size : Large

This natural convection heater will take longer to warm the room but it circulates warm air silently with no fan noise. Neutral color and low-profile blends easily with any decor; digital display with thermostat and timer; adjustable thermostat (60 to 85 degrees F); Auto-off timer (1 to 8 hours); built-in safety features: tip-over safety switch, automatic overheat protection; 1500 watts of comforting warmth; lightweight with carry handles for portability; ETL listed. Convection heaters naturally provide gradual, even heat without a fan, making them more quiet than electric heaters with fans. As the air near the heater is warmed and rises it creates a natural circulation of the air which spreads warmth throughout the room. It may take longer to heat a space with convection heat than with an electric heater with a fan, but once the space is warmed it will sustain even heat. To reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire please observe the following instructions: - Cleaning the Heater regularly will help to maintain its efficiency. - Always unplug the cord before moving, servicing or cleaning. - NEVER place the Heater in or near water. DO NOT IMMERSE HEATER IN WATER. - Clean the Heater only with a vacuum equipped with a brush attachment; the vacuum will remove the lint and dirt from the surface of the Heater. - Vacuum intake grills every two weeks; this will help to maintain the optimum Heater performance. - Use a toothbrush or other soft bristle brush to gently loosen any dirt not removed by the vacuum. - NEVER attempt to take apart the Heater. Manufacturer Contact Information 800-233-0268.