Lasko 20 Energy Efficient Basic Box Fan W/ 3 Speeds & Easy Carry Handle, White

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  • Adjust air speed with top knob control

  • 3 quiet speeds

  • Save-Smart technology costs less than 2 cents per hour to run

  • Easy to carry handle makes moving from room to room a breeze

  • Includes a patented, fused safety plug

  • Color : Track

Get the air flowing with the Lasko 20-inch Box Fan. This portable fan is great for doorways, windows, and center of rooms to get the air moving. It has 3 quiet speed settings that minimize noise while giving you control over your cooling. The easy to carry handle makes carrying this fan from room to room a breeze. The fan can bring cool air in or blow warm air out by simply turning the fan 180 degrees. The Lasko 20-inch Box Fan can help you save money with its Save-Smart technology and use of natural ventilation.