Laozhou Set Of 9 Fine Mesh Laundry Wash Bags For Delicates, Lingerie, Sweater, Bras, And Organization

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  • 9 Pack of specification:5 rectangle 7.8*11.8inch,11.8*15.7inch,15.7*19.6inch,19.6*23.6inch,23.3*23.6inch.1 cylinder 8.6*12.9inch,1 ball 9.8*9.8inch,Bra wash bags 6.8*6.2inch,Small underwear laundry bag 7*5.9inch.

  • Fabric precision and flexible, delicate and shiny fabric obvious, stitch from the encryption

  • Use to separate clothes, afraid of clothes stained and damaged.

  • Ultra-fine mesh to prevent pilling phenomenon, but also with other clothing with cleaning.

  • Can be used for automatic, double cylinder, drum type washing machine.

  • Color : White

  • Size : 9 Pack

Can be washed at the same time a number of pieces of clothing, both convenient and affordable. Not easy to wrinkle, deformation, can be used safely washing machine washing with the fabric does not hurt the fabric, such as hand wash feel comfortable to use.

The laundry bag is a kind of bag used to protect the clothes when it is washed by machine. It is made of breathable microporous material. Put the underwear, sweater or other items that are afraid of deformation into the washing machine, then put it into the washing machine.
Do not use near fire or near fire.
This product is only applicable to ordinary household washing machines.
Do not use clothing with dry-cleaning marks or high-grade fabrics such as cashmere, angora wool, mohair and the like.
Do not place objects such as washing clothes or pointed metal parts that exceed the capacity of the laundry bag. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the mesh.
When closing the zipper, do not clip the clothes. Do not use it for any purpose other than this purpose. In order to ensure the best washing effect, put the clothes do not exceed the capacity of the laundry bag 4/5.
The role of laundry bags:
1, in order to prevent clothing and laundry barrels of friction makes clothes appear damaged.
2, used to protect the clothes, to prevent deformation in the washing machine with pull
3, to avoid friction with other clothes.