Lann'S Linens - 1 Dozen 17 In. Cloth Dinner Napkins W/ Hemmed Edges - White

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  • Large, 17 inch by 17 inch napkins

  • Made with top-grade, hydraulic-loomed polyester

  • Stylish hemmed edge

  • Wrinkle/stain resistant, machine washable

  • Color-fast dyes will not bleed, run or transfer

  • Color : White

These premium, full-finished napkins from Lann's Linens are the same as ones supplied for lavish events and used at restaurants. The napkins measure 17 inches by 17 inches, making them large enough to cover the entire lap when used, and are easy to fold into elaborate designs for beautiful table presentations. They are woven on a hydraulic loom from top-grade, 200 gsm (grams per square meter) polyester that will look fantastic after one use or many. Each napkin is cut from a single piece of fabric and features a stylish hemmed edge. All of our napkins are wrinkle and stain resistant and feature color-fast dyes that will not bleed, run or transfer.