Langria Memory Foam Contour Bed Pillow Orthopedic Neck Support Mid Firmness Icy Cooling Fabric Removable Cover Eco Certipur-Us Certification For Side And Back Sleeper Standard Size, White

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  • ICY FABRIC BREATHABLE COVER: with a special breathable knit cover, on the top layer of the pillow, this memory foam pillow is breathable and perfect to disperse body heat and keep your head dry from sweat while sleeping, improving the quality of your sleep

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: it has a high and low loft to better adapt to the shape of your neck, head and shoulders for promoting healthy spinal alignment; this shape releases you from the pressure gained all along the day while you sleep

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: it's qualified with the CertiPUR-US certificate for safe materials, environmentally-friendly and high performance. It's free from harmful chemicals with less than 0.5 parts/million VOC emission

  • NOTICE & TIPS: new foam products often have a natural and harmless smell, please air out, the odor should dissipate within 2 weeks upon unpacking the pillow

  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM: the memory foam will give you a long lasting comfort and support since it always holds its shape and doesn't go flat

  • Color : White

  • Size : 21.7 13.4 3.9/3.1 inches

Icy Fabric for a Cool Night's Sleep
LANGRIA has launched this new icy fabric memory foam pillow featuring a removable and washable cover that is made of a breathable knitted fabric and super soft icy fabric. This icy fabric naturally regulates the temperature and keeps you cool and dry from sweat throughout the night; moreover, the mesh knits on both sides of the pillow, increase the airflow so the pillow can stay cool while you sleep.

Correct your Sleeping Position
The ergonomic design of the contoured icy fabric pillow adapts to your neck perfectly. Thanks to its fixed middle wavy-shape, its high and low loft and its memory foam, this LANGRIA pillow will help you to find a better position when sleeping, which will lead to better sleep quality. It will also provide you with an extra comfort, reducing tension in your body after a whole day's work. You will wake up full of energy to get started with the new day!

Unpacking your Pillow
The moment you will receive and unpack your new LANGRIA pillow, you are likely to notice a minor odor. This light smell is associated with a new foam pillow's manufacturing process; please note that it is a non-toxic odor that will fade away within the following 72 hours after unpacking the pillow. Moreover, since the pillow travels in a cylindrical protector bag for easy shipping, please allow 24 hours for the pillow to retain to its full shape.

Product Specifications
Overall Dimensions: 21.7 13.4 3.9/3.1 inches (55 34 10/8 cm)
Net Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)