Langria Commercial Grade Clothing Garment Rack Supreme Steel Adjustable, Double Rod, Chrome Finish

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  • ADJUSTABLE: the unit can be expanded both vertically (W: 50.8''-74.4'') and horizontally( H: 58.3''-67.7''), giving you room for longer garments such as coats and the ability to hang more clothes

  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: our unit is 21.6 lbs in weight and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight, letting you hang ample amounts of clothing. LANGRIA recommends hanging heavier items closer to the supports in order to prevent long-term bending of the bar

  • EASY ASSEMBLY: our rack can be assembled without any tools, letting you get organized faster than before

  • COLLAPSIBLE: our unit collapses and can be carried and easily transported between locations perfect for household storage

  • SUPPORT WHEELS: 4 omnidirectional wheels (2 with locking brake) allow the unit to be moved anywhere while loaded, letting you easily move your clothes from place to place

  • Color : Chrome-Double

  • Size : Chrome-Double

Hang Your Garments the Right Way
LANGRIA's double rail garment rack is perfect for saving space while remaining organized. Our rack features double rails for garments and two lower bars for extra storage for your shoes or container boxes. We also use heavy duty metal as the base construction for this rack with a load capacity of 250 lbs. Plus, our rack expands vertically and horizontally and can accommodate more or less clothing, depending on your needs. It's great for your laundry room, off season storage, your closet, temporary space, drying clothes, organizing, or even for display in a store or market.

From Here to There
Just because your clothes rack is loaded with garments, doesn't mean it has to be difficult to move. Our unit features 4 omnidirectional wheels, allowing you to easily move the unit from one room to another one, without having to unload all of your clothes. Plus, when empty, the unit collapses into a flat shape, perfect for those who need to use it in different locations.

Instant Storage Solution
LANGRIA's unit is almost ready to go the moment it arrives. Just follow the instructions for assembly - which requires no tools, so you can get to organizing, hanging, and storing your clothes right away. The all-chrome body will ensure that the unit will stay sturdy once assembled.

Kindly Note: Casters are coated with a layer of rust-preventive oil that might generate odor, however, you can clean it with a tissue or a cloth if you are extremely sensitive with the scent.

Product Specifications
Load Capacity: 250 lbs.
Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 50.8-74.4 x 21.7 x 58.3-67.7 in
Lower Bar Width: 41.7 in
Gross Weight: 21.6 lbs.