Landisun Exclusive Tissue Paper Flower Poms For Wedding Birthday Room Decoration (10 Inches , Gold)

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  • Brand: Landisun

  • Material : Tissue Paper

  • Size: Multiple Size for Choice

  • Perfect for any occasion: Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Christening Baby shower, Kitchen tea party, Nursery decorations or any other celebration

  • Create fun and festive party decorations with these beautiful paper pom poms

  • Color : Gold

  • Size : 10" Inches (pack of 12)

Product Description:

Main Features:
The main features of these pom poms set include:
- Many different colors of poms and size for choice.
- Hand made and ideal for DIY and you will enjoy it.
- Pre-cut pieces for easy folding each sheet and fluff into shape to create beautiful and realistic paper flower pom-poms.
- Lightweight and easy to hang them from the ceiling, above a table, under the verandah, or from branches in trees.
- Perfect for any occasion: Birthday, Wedding, Christening Baby shower, Kitchen tea, Nursery decorations or any other celebration.

We have different colors for you to choose from: Pink, White, Beige, Mint Green, Brown, Royal Blue, Rose, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Grass Green, Teal Blue, Black, Lake Blue, Light Purple, and Coffee.

Paper Party Ball Instructions:

1.Unfold the party ball, fanning out the tissue paper.Ensure the ribbon is centered along the length of paper.

2.Pull on each point of paper at one end of the tissue, fluffing each point to the center of the ball.When all points have been fluffed, this should form half a sphere.

3.Hold party ball by the ribbon so as the fluffed part of ball is upside down and start to fluff all points of the other half of the ball.Once this step is finished you will have a full party ball and you can hang this where you like by the ribbon.