Lambtown Large Display Led Wall Clock With Remote Control Countdown Count Up Led Clock Timer With Temperature Date 6'' Red Led Digits Highly Visible For Home Gyms Church Sports Event

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  • The 6'' high and bright led digits makes the clock highly visible up to 200ft away. Fits very well for any home or public area use, like gyms, churches, super mall, etc. This modern design will dress up your home perfectly.

  • This clock not only tells time but also will rotate between time, temperature, date.

  • It's easy to use the count up feature to time a local funrun, student speeches or dance routines, or to count down the minutes on a pickup basketball game at the public gym and the time left on a local church fundraiser.

  • The led clock is dimmable, so you can dim the brightness to your satisfaction. You can even turn it off at night for light sleepers.

  • All settings are controlled by the included long range remote.

  • Color : Red

12 hr or 24 hr operation.

Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display.Temperature error< 2 degrees.

Display date (year, month and day).

Countdown days(max to 999 days), Hours, Minutes and seconds.You will hear beep sound when countdown ends. It also can be muted if desired,which will make the digits flash instead at the end of a timed event, which is great for the hearing impaired or occasions where noise must be kept to a minimum.

Count up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

16 groups of different alarm settings.

8-Levels of different brightness can be adjusted.

Screen On/off feature for light sleepers.

Blinking colon can be turn off if you feel distracting.

Long distance remote control allows all settings to be easily adjusted on the fly.Remote receiving range about 60ft away.

Precision timekeeping, time error<1 min a year

It can be set permanently display just the temperature or date.

Energy-efficient LEDs save your money.

AC100-245V adapter included. You can also plug the usb cable into a phone backup battery with a 2amp output for special use.

Battery back up so the time is saved when power is lost.But the display will not stay on.

1.Working Voltage:AC100-245V
2.Output: 5V 2A
3.Dimension:16.93''x 0.71''x 6.1''(L x W x H)
4.Material: Aluminum alloy.
5.Length of power lead: 6.5ft.
6.Item weight:1.76lb
7.Battery type for clock:CR2032 watch battery. 2AAA batteries for the remote.
8.Temperature Range from 0 - 60 degrees celsius

Package included:
1 x led wall clock
1 x remote
1 x USB wall adapter
1 x manual