La Crosse Technology Wt-3102B 10-Inch Wwvb Self-Set Analog Wall Clock And Automatic Dst Reset

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  • For precise time in the home or office, atomic analog clock from La Crosse Technology. Atomic time with manual setting - Manual Reset Button

  • Frame features chrome-colored finish with black inner trim

  • flat lens covers clock face from dust and debris

  • Clock resets regularly by radio-control to match the US Atomic Clock in Colorado and adjusts automatically for daylight savings time

  • Users select from 4 time zone setting buttons on the reverse for area time

  • requires separate purchase of 1 AA battery

  • Clock measures 10 inches in diameter and 1-2/3 inch in depth with a 7-1/4-inch diameter face

  • this clock is covered by a 1-year warranty

  • Color : Black/silver

  • Size : NO SIZE

Special Instructions: Use alkaline batteries. First put the batteries into the clock and let the hands spin to 12, 4 or 8. Then waiting for it to get the signal. Once gets the signal it will be set to Pacific time. If you are not in Pacific time, hold the time zone button 3 to 5 seconds for the clock to correct itself. Keep the perfect, most accurate time with this stylish 10 atomic wall clock. It uses one AA battery and is very simple to use - simply insert the battery and press your time zone button, then hang on the wall.