La Crosse Technology Ws-1025 Digital Window Thermometer With Detachable Bracket And Records Min/Max Temp & Auto Reset

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  • Clear functional design

  • Easy-to-read outside temperature from inside

  • Weather-Resistant

  • Digital outdoor window thermometer from La Crosse

  • mounts flat against window with adhesive strip for outdoor temperature reading

  • Weather-resistant construction with UV shield protection

  • clear screen with easy-to-read digital display

  • Displays current, maximum, and minimum temperatures to the tenth of a degree

  • min and max temperatures reset daily

  • With readings from -13 to +158 degrees F with accuracy of +/-1.5 degrees F

  • requires separate purchase of 1 AAA battery

  • Measures 4 inches wide by 3/4 inch deep by 3-3/4 inches high

  • limited 1-year warranty

  • Color : Silver

  • Size : samsung

La Crosse Technology WS-1025 Digital Window Thermometer with detachable bracket

View your current outdoor temperature (F) conveniently indoors from our UV shielded digital window thermometer. Hangs 4 Inch tall from either a window or glass door and can detach for window cleaning. Automatically resets for high & low temperature for the day.

Detachable mounting
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Outdoor temperature digits measure 1.25in tall
Outdoor temperature from inside

Mount onto detachable bracket onto a glass door or window to see the current temperature outside.


Detach from mounting bracket for easy cleaning.

Highs and Lows

Displays what the Daily Maximum temperature and Minimum temperature to the tenth of a degree. MIN automatically resets at 8:00 PM. MAX automatically resets at 8:00 AM.

Easy to Read

Current outdoor temperature digits measure 1.25 inches tall


Adhesive included for mounting

  • Weather-resistant construction with UV shield protection; clear screen with easy-to-read digital display
  • Reads Outdoor Temperature easily from Inside
  • Records MIN & MAX Temperature with Auto Reset
  • Detachable from bracket for Easy window cleaning
  • Temperature Range: -13 F to 158 F
  • Requires 1 AAA Alkaline Battery (Not Included)
Measures 3.75in L x 0.75in W x 4.00in H
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