La Crosse Technology Tx37U-It 915Mhz Wireless Temperature Sensor

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  • Remote wireless temperature sensor for use with a wide range of La Crosse Technology weather systems

  • Equipped for wall mount

  • transmits data at 915 MHz frequency up to 330 feet unobstructed to base unit

  • Assesses outdoor temperatures from -31.9 to +139 degrees F

  • also can monitor indoor temperatures

  • Requires separate purchase of a compatible base and 2 AA batteries

  • install out of direct rain or sun

  • Measures 1-1/2 inches wide by 4/5 inches deep by 5 inches high

  • limited 1-year warranty, kindly refer the user manual given below for troubleshooting steps.

Monitor outdoor weather conditions from multiple locations of a yard by adding an extra wireless temperature sensor to a household La Crosse Technology weather system. The TX37U-IT wireless sensor transmits outdoor temperature readings to a base unit to enable users to plan appropriately for brisk or hot weather. With any La Crosse 915 MHz weather receivers, the sensor communicates from a distance of up to 330 feet. Outdoor temperature measurement capabilities range from 31.9 to +139 degrees F. To ensure the most accurate readings, install the sensor out of direct rain and sunlight. NOTE: Below is the proper troubleshooting 1. Start with a complete restart using new alkaline batteries dated 2024 or newer And have the indoor station and outdoor remote 3 to 5 feet apart. 2. Batteries should be out of both units for 10 minutes. 3. Place the batteries into the outdoor remote first then into the indoor station. (All outdoor remotes must be started before the indoor station) 4. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS FOR 10 MINUTES. In this time the display and sensor will start to talk to each other and the display will show both the indoor temperature and an outdoor temperature. If the station does not display both temperatures after the 10 minutes please retry the setup as stated above. After both indoor and outdoor temperatures are displayed for 10 minutes you can place your sensor outdoors and set your time. The remote sensor should be placed in a dry, shaded area. The transmitter should not be more than 330 feet / 100 meters. Note Metal siding, stucco, and some types of glass can reduce signal range. It is possible to receive a signal through these materials, however maximum range will much less due to their tendency to absorb or reflect a much larger portion of the transmitters signal.