La Crosse Technology Solar Atomic Digital Clock W/Indoor Temperature, Humidity

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  • Solar-powered atomic digital wall clock

  • Monitors indoor temperature (deg F/deg C) & humidity

  • Atomic time & date with manual setting

  • Atomic Time and Date (Manual Setting)

  • Monitors IN Temp (F or C) and Humidity

  • Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option)

  • Solar panel for rechargeable battery power with solar mode setting

  • Time Alarm with Snooze

  • Color : Brown

  • Size : 9.15"

Atomic self-setting time with indoor temperature display, plus humidity. Calendar display with weekday & date. Solar powered panel recharges and stores battery life to operate in low light conditions. 4 different language settings for the weekday and can be wall hung or table standing. Includes 2 AA rechargeable batteries.

Step 1: Insert the 1 AA Rechargeable Alkaline batteries (included) into the clock. Observe the correct polarity.
Note:This clock requires 1 battery. There is a filler battery shell in the place. Please leave this filler in place.
Step 2: Next, slide the battery switch to the SOLAR position
Step 3:The clock will search for the WWVB time signal for up to 10 minutes. Do not set the time until after the WWVB search.
Restart: If the indoor temperature is not displayed after 30 seconds, remove battery from the clock and move battery switch to the LEFT position. Press any button on the clock 20 times. After 15 minutes, return to Step 1 above