La Crosse Technology Bbb87269 20 Inch Extra Large Digital Atomic Wall Clock

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  • Huge time digits measuring 7 inches tall

  • Atomic self-setting time and date with automatic updates for DST (optional on/off)

  • Calendar display measures approximately 3.50 inches tall

  • Time is adjustable in 12 or 24 hour format with a 4 time zone selection (pt, Mt, CT, or et)

  • Optional Manual time set (Out of radio frequency range)

  • Color : Silver

Enormous digital clock makes for a perfect timepiece in lobby, living room or Conference center. With Radio-Controlled technology, this clock self-sets to your time zone setting automatically. This clock self-adjusts during daylight saving time changing twice a year keeping your time accurate. Clock receives WWVB radio frequency from nits station, located in Fort Collins, Co, synchronizing and keeping accurate to ten billionths of a second per day. Hold +12/24 button for 3 seconds to select your time zone and place in the direction of the Colorado overnight to receive best transmission. May take an additional 24 hours if there are atmospheric disturbances or electronic interferes with its reception. This clock may also be manually set if out of 2,000 Mile radius from the radio Tower. This sophisticated timepiece features the calendar date/day with the abbreviated weekday and bonuses as optional alarm clock. Requires 3 C batteries for operation and versatile to mount onto wall or stand onto countertop.