La Crosse Technology 616-1908-Int Travel Projection Alarm With Fold Out Stand

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  • Bold LCD with optional micro-USB power cable for constant, adjustable backlight and projection

  • Foldable case for travel use

  • USB port to charge mobile devices (operative use with included micro-USB cable)

  • Calendar display (Day/Month/Date)

  • Manual set time (12/24 hour mode)

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 6.1x4.1

Traveling fold-up alarm features a soft backlight & auto-focus projection onto a wall or ceiling. LCD displays the calendar date with weekday & active alarm icon. Modern technology operation with an optional (included) micro-USB cable or by standard battery power (requires 2 AAA alkaline - not included.) Clock offers a 10 minute snooze alarm and low battery indicator icon. Maximum 1.0 Amp USB charging port (cable not included).