La Crosse Technology 513-1419-Int Atomic Full Calendar Clock With Extra Large Digits - Perfect Gift For The Elderly

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  • For correction of December time error, see below corrective action in the description

  • Extra-Large, easy to read digits to assist those suffering from memory loss and/or labor with abbreviated words

  • Adjustable display mode: Full Weekday

  • Weekday & Date

  • Seconds

  • or Indoor temperature (F)

  • Alarm with 10 minute snooze

  • Wall hang or Table Standing

  • Color : Silver

  • Size : One Size

A wonderful easy to read timepiece for grandma or grandpa, with convenience of self setting accurate time and date. Battery operated digital wall clock is lightweight and easy to operate. Display for calendar view is changeable. There is an error in the DST ON/OFF mode setting. All States except Arizona must set the DST mode to OFF.

Due to a software omission, if the NIST adds a leap second ( in December, your clock will be one hour fast during the month and will resume to normal time January. If this happens, you can correct the time by setting the DST mode to OFF for the Month of December. Then turn DST mode back ON in January.