La Crosse Technology 308-1451 Atomic Forecast Station With Fisherman Icon, In/Out Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Sunrise/Sunset, Dual Alarms

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  • Advanced fisherman icon with tendency arrow react to changes in the temperature (current forecast)

  • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity with MIN/MAX recorded values

  • 12 Hour history barometric pressure graph (inHg or hPa)

  • Atomic self-setting time and date with automatic DST updates

  • LED Backlight

  • Color : Silver

  • Size : N/A

Will you know if it's a good day for fishing or not? Glance at your desktop weather station and you'll know. Displaying your current weather and future forecast, the fisherman icon will tell you what you need to wear. Adjusting by its pressure and telling you its tendency your weather can change, so be aware with its frost & temperature icons. Historical barometric pressure graph and MIN/MAX records for temperature (F/C) and humidity (-PercentRH.) Don' t worry about setting your time, radio-controlled signal updates your weather station for DST and automatically sets both, time and date. Wireless transmitting sensor sends outdoor readings up to 200 ft range and indoor display has backlight for nighttime viewing.