La Crosse Technology 308-1425B-Int Wireless Color Forecast Station, Black

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  • Color animated forecast icons with color LCD digits

  • Indoor & wireless outdoor temperature (f/c) & humidity (%RH) with trends & min/max values

  • Back light control (High/Low/Off) Unit must be plugged in with included AC cord for continuous back light

  • Color : Black

Introducing the wireless color weather station with precise, real-time backyard weather. Animated color forecasts with trends react to changing barometric pressure. 24 hour pressure history graph and moon phase for a complete weather experience. Monitor in/out temperature trends with high and low alert settings. Measure the indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity with daily min/max records --all on one easy-to-read color display with adjustable brightness. Suggestion: Lay the display face down, and putting the AC cord into the port power hold, that is it secure. If it is loose, the AC adapter will not work properly. The forecast icon sun sign is not depend on it being daylight. The animated forecast icons use changing atmospheric pressure to predict weather conditions for the next 12 hours with 70-75% accuracy. (this is outlined on Page 11 of the manual)