La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25004-Wgb Add-On Sensor Only With Waterleak Probe For Existing La Crosse Wireless Monitor Alerts Mobile System

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  • Detectors moisture from any water leak, measures ambient air temperature and humidity

  • Transmits to gateway in 200 ft. range

  • Receive e-mail and text alerts for temperature and humidity, connection loss and low battery

  • Internet and network router required (not included)

  • Requires two AAA alkaline battery (not included)

  • Text and E-mail Alerts first 3 months FREE

  • 1 year subscription available after for $11.88 yearly ($0.99 per month), kindly refer the user manual given below for troubleshooting steps.

  • Color : Beige

Receive water leak alerts and monitor the temp./humidity of an additional area by adding the La Crosse Alerts Add-on Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Water Probe to your La Crosse Alerts system. The extra temp./humidity sensor works just like the original, taking readings every six seconds, sending data to the cloud, and alerting you when readings exceed your chosen setpoints. This model's detachable water sensor probe with 6-foot cable also allows you to detect leaks before property damage occurs. The main sensor's built-in screen displays its ambient temperature and humidity readings, as well as the probe's WET/DRY readings. It also sends data through the Gateway to for remote monitoring and alerts. Monitor Multiple Areas With La Crosse Alerts: The La Crosse Alerts Internet Gateway (sold separately) supports up to five temperature/humidity sensors total, allowing you to monitor multiple areas. FEATURES: Wireless temp./humidity sensor transmits data to Internet Gateway. View current readings at sensor display or online. Set Min/Max temp. or humidity levels to receive email or text alerts. Internet Gateway supports up to 5 sensors. NOTE: Requires the La Crosse Alerts Internet Gateway and two AAA batteries (not included).