Kuru Towels - Turkish Beach Towels 100% Cotton Premium Quality Multipurpose Peshtemal For Fast Drying & Easy Storage. Great For Travel, Spa, Pools, Bath And Gym - Cabana Fuschia And Coral

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  • Traditionally handcrafted in Turkey - Made from 100% eco-friendly, authentic Turkish hand-woven cotton. Measures in at 39 by 71 inches each.

  • Absorbs water as fast as Terry Towels but dries quicker than a Terry Towel. Our Beach range is the perfect towel to take when you need to dry off while you're out and about.

  • Light, compact, and takes up much less space than a terry towel! Very absorbent and soft! Comes with its own cotton carry bag to carry it with you to and from the beach. You can even use it as a gift bag!

  • Luxurious, yet sturdy. Perfect for taking it with you on outdoor activities like picnics or the beach!

  • We love the beach and our Kuru Towels Beach range is the perfect accompaniment for the sun and sand! The Cabana's twin-color design helps you mix and match with your surroundings! Comes in 4 colors: Beige & Sky Blue, Fuschia & Coral, Red & Navy, and Lime & Aqua.

  • Color : Fuschia and Coral

Enjoy everyday luxury with 100% Eco-Friendly Authentic Turkish Cotton Towels from Kuru Towels. These towels have been traditionally hand-woven to provide you with that authentic Peshtemal feel. Our Kuru Towels come in two ranges of designs - The Beach range is perfect for when you are on the go. Take them to the beach, to camping, or any outdoor activity! These towels are lightweight, compact, incredibly absorbent, and dries very quickly! This ensures that you can dry yourself off efficiently. Our Home range is tailored for bringing everyday luxury to your home. It serves as a perfect accent piece to your bathroom, or a practical solution to drying yourself off after a dip in your swimming pool. Our Beach range towels come with their own cotton carry bag which is perfect for carrying it with you when you are out and about. Our Home range towels have their own cotton storage bag to keep them clean when you store them in your cupboards or kitchen drawers. With the holiday season right around the corner, you can use these bags as gift bags! They make perfect presents!