Kurt Adler Black Spooky Halloween Tree [Oe21 Hw0522]

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  • Spooky Halloween Tree

  • 32 inches tall 20 inches wide

  • 8 inch black metal square base

  • Made of plastic

  • Heavy duty branches you can shape

  • Color : Black

The Spooky Halloween Tree is 32 inches tall 20 inches wide with an 8 inch black metal square base. These Spooky Decorations appear to be made of real tree twigs but is actually made of plastic. The trunk comes in two pieces with 9 branch connections. There are 16 changeable branch pieces, 7 large branches and nine small branches, one small branch can connect to the larger branches. The Black Tree Table Decorations has heavy duty branches making it easy to shape and strong enough to hang miniature ornaments, moss or spider webs. The Spooky Decorations Halloween Tree comes in a box that you can store it in from year to year. It would make a perfect Halloween Home Decor!