Heavy Duty Bike Hanger/ Bike Hooks/ Bike Storage Hooks Set

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  • MATERIAL: heavy duty galvanized steel structure durability, bearing larger, more solid hanging. The outside is PVC dip, feel smooth and do not hurt the hand, not afraid of scratches.

  • USAGE: it is used to store all kinds of garden tools, farm tools, cleaning tools, bicycles and sporting goods such as shovels, brooms, chairs, rackets, scooters and so on.

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: easy installation, can be installed directly on the wooden beam, or wooden walls, can also be used on the expansion of the screw on the wall of the cement; suitable for various models;

  • BEAR WEIGHT: Each bicycle hook hold up a staggering 105 can pounds.

  • SIZE:Length: 6IN; Width: 2.6IN; Height:0.28IN

  • Size : 4 Pack

Specification: length: 6in; width: 2.6in; height: 0.28in
Color: red, black
Our bicycle hooks are heavy duty bicycle frame hook sets, including 4 for bicycles, power equipment, furniture, tools, garden hoses, etc.. The outside is PVC anti-skid coating to protect the surface, feel smooth, not hurt hands, not afraid of scratching. Each hook has a capacity of 105 pounds and is perfect for indoor and outdoor storage (excellent bike racks, garage use).
This is an ideal solution, it has placed the bicycle different from the traditional way, effectively saving the indoor or outdoor space, and help to prevent accidental injury of children, is also a unique decorative style, let you improve the quality of a class;
Our bicycle wall hook is suitable for all types of bicycles, including roads, mountains, hybrid, BMX, cross, cruiser, and test;
The installation is convenient and simple without drilling, and when using our wall hanging bicycles, be sure to install the studs / wooden walls to make sure the hooks remain safe.