Glow Wall Stickers Or Ceiling Stars With Moon Stickers In The Dark Luminous Decal Stickers For Simulated Ideal Kids Decor (Star)

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  • Package includes 6 pieces star wall Stickers(228pcs strar)

  • non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterproof, pressure resistant, shock resistant & durable fluorescent PVC & paper - sure to give amazing performance,big star size:1.29 x1.29 ;small star size:0.78 x0.78

  • Glow in the dark wall decals appear normal during the day light but start to become illuminatedas it grows dark & offer a real stars-like simulated effect at night which is nothing but close to magical

  • Provide children with indoor children,Relax and romantic atmosphere ideal,Perfect gift, easy to apply and easy to remove,True vision and quality quality

  • Our self-adhesive glow in the dark wall stickers or glow in the dark ceiling stickers could be easily sticked to any flat, clean and non-textured surface (be it a wall, ceiling, locker, metallic surface or any other similar surface) & are equally easy to remove & reposition without damaging the surface on which they are applied. The luminous stickers also make for an ideal gift for little kids, friends or family members

  • Color : Star

1: If it is affixed to the surface of glass or tiles, because of its relatively smooth material, paste the best before the wipe with a clean cloth to dry, so easier to paste, and the formation of better results.

2: some of the larger pattern paste, flattened after there may be a little bubble, then you can scratch with a scraping card to remove the bubble or the tip of the small bubble can be wiped with a small, will not affect the overall paste effect of.

3: If the paste wall damp. Aging or just brush a new paint, paste may cause the wall stickers automatically fall off, or will cause the wall off, you can use the hair dryer hot air to blow the wall or paint to be volatile for some time And then paste, but the effect may be different, so please the majority of customers carefully selected posts posted.

4: If you are not careful to paste the wrong position of the wall, you can use a small blade to the wall of a corner of the gently off the tear off, re-paste can be, the product under normal circumstances can be reused, as long as not torn.

5: DIY series of types of products is tight, you can play unlimited creativity, free combination of modeling and location, you can first use the scissors to separate the pattern, cut the time to pay attention not to cut the pattern, after the first design can be roughly Layout, and then personally create a unique creative space