Gardenia Aroma Crystals For Ooh La Lamp By La Tee Da

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GARDENIA Aroma Crystals for Ooh La Lamp by La Tee Da Ooh La Lamps Fragrance Warmers are a patent pending product brought to you by La-Tee-Da! It's simply an easy and safe way to enjoy long lasting fragrance. Ooh La Lamps (sold separately) use aroma crystal beads to fragrance your room. The main features are: The Ooh La Lamp aroma crystal beads do not melt, simply pour your aroma beads in level to the top of the metal screen. Do not cover the top of the metal screen for maximum fragrance performance. There is no mess or soot to clean up. Economical to use as the beads typically last around 3 weeks. The Ooh La Lamp typically pays for itself within a few uses based on what you would pay when purchasing a few national brand candles that you throw away. The beautiful Ooh La Lamp will provide years of beautiful and functional home decor. Just plug in to a 110 volt wall outlet, pour the aroma crystals in, turn on and enjoy the fragrance journey.