Equity By La Crosse 70905 Soft Blue Cube Lcd Alarm Clock

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  • Assorted Trend Colors

  • Matching LCD backlight with colored cube

  • 12/24 manual set time

  • Alarm with Snooze

  • Date & Alarm display

  • Color : Blue

Soft Silicone rubber cube clock with alarm time & date display. Assorted trend colors with matching LED backlight. 12/24 manual set time and digits near 1 inch tall. Ascending alarm with snooze.This item only has a backlight and only illuminated for a few seconds when the snooze button is pressed. Suggested restart would be to put new alkaline batteries into the display. Move the button in the back to set the time. And note the color trend (blue backlight) is best designed to viewed in dark room. If the customer if trying to view the backlight in a normal lighted room they will not be able to tell any difference.