Diy, Ribbons & Bows, Learn How To Tie A Bow For Christmas & All Seasons, Wreath Bows By Nancy, Dvd Video

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  • How to Tie a Bow With Nancy Alexander; an intensive how-to DIY video teaching your how to tie many bows

  • Nancy's instructional video was designed for her students wanting to learn how to make gorgeous bows!

  • Make a gorgeous tree topper; make a full Christmas wreath bow; make bows for your mailbox

  • Ladybug Wreaths teaches you how to make single, double and triple ribbon bows with many streamers.

  • With Nancy's secret tips and instructions, you'll be making bows for friends and neighbors as well as yourself!

Ribbons & Bows is a wonderfully detailed DVD Video teaching you the art of making beautiful bows from different types of ribbons.

I start at the very beginning teaching you with my secret bowtie and the X technique.

I guarantee you that these tips will have you making bows for friends and family as well as yourself.

Learning floral design can create a new hobby or even better, a new career. Imagine finding something that you have fun doing that earns you money in the process.

Whether you are experienced, or just getting started, I guarantee that I'll have you making bows within an hour!

You will become very proficient with each and every bow that you tie. By following all of my tips and techniques you will have beautiful bows just in time for the Christmas Holiday Season.

Be assured that a professional with many years of experience is teaching you. I am a world renowned designer with 25 years of experience gained from owning an upscale floral and design business. I taught countless night classes in floral design and bow making during my years in business, so I am thrilled to be able to share my experiences with you.

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