Diy, Fall Crafts, Thanksgiving Centerpiece, Craft Your Own Table Decorations For Thanksgiving, Dvd Video

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  • Let Nancy Alexander teach you how to design an easy fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece for you table

  • Ladybug Wreaths how-to, instructional DVDs show you how to design centerpieces just like Nancy's

  • DIY craft ideas and easy to follow art and craft instructions with Nancy

  • Make your own Fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece which sits low to the table

  • it is not in a container.

  • Invite your friends over for Thanksgiving and show off your beautiful Fall Centerpiece

  • Color : Orange

Fall Table Centerpiece is an exceptional, detailed DVD video. It will teach you to design a gorgeous, full Thanksgiving or fall centerpiece just like this one.

I start at the very beginning teaching you step by step, how to instructions so you can make this wreath on your own.

Learning floral design can create a new hobby or even better, a new career. Imagine finding something that you have fun doing that earns you money in the process.

My goals are to teach you about my passion - Floral Design; as I share with you the knowledge and tools needed to have a successful online business, or to sell in your hometown.

You can create one of a kind personal gifts for your friends and family. The opportunities are endless!

Whether you are and experienced designer or just getting started, this Video will provide all of the instructions you need to create an amazing small or large design as I walk you through each step of the learning process.