Deluxecomfort Bfpb-Mus-Brwma Boyfriend Muscle Man Arm Plush Cotton Pillow Brawny & Strong, Brown

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  • Don't you or someone you know want to feel loved. The Secret to beating the blues - spray a mist of your missing loved ones favorite Cologne, lay back and let the memories Flood in

  • The original Boyfriend pillow the pillow with arm is a registered trademarked and developed in Michigan USA. There is only one true Boyfriend pillow

  • Soft t-shirts material cover won't irritate or itch your skin. Cotton fiber feather-free pillow won't bother allergies. Comfortable Contour of the arm supports your neck for a pain-free Rest

  • A great gift idea for women and men alike, the original Boyfriend pillow has been featured on amazon feature products target

  • Stay strong unlike our competitors products that fall apart. Enjoy Cuddles that last

  • Color : Brown Man

Lose the Loneliness - The original Boyfriend Pillow from Deluxe Comfort offers exceptionally comfortable support, and is a favorite among those that don't like to sleep alone. The soft pillow, shaped like a mans upper body, is wearing a man's soft t-shirt cover. The single arm wraps perfectly around the neck of the user, creating a feeling of closeness, comfort and love.The ideal choice for both women or men that desire the feel of a man's embrace. Perhaps your partner travels on business often, or works the opposite shift as you. Just spray the t-shirt cover with his preferred scent and its almost like he never left. Has your loved one gone on military leave? Cover the Boyfriend Pillow with his favorite t-shirt, close your eyes, and let your imagination fly. If you are recently going through a break-up, you know as well as we do that few things are as difficult as getting used to sleeping alone again. With the Boyfriend Pillow, you don't have to!
Have a single friend that just won't stop reminding everyone of their single status? Calm her complaints with the Boyfriend Pillow. Feel the embrace of a man without the snoring, smell, tossing or turning. The Boyfriend Pillow makes an excellent joke gift. Finally, a gag gift that can actually be used! Spoil yourself, or a friend, with the soothing soft arm and cozy upper body of this unique pillow design. Not just for sleeping! This pillow provides a wonderful way to cuddle up for a movie marathon, during long car rides, or with a good book. Just nestle in, and you'll never need a man again!
The ONE AND ONLY Original Boyfriend Pillow - A favorite among many, and sold out often. Dont miss out on yours!

Once you receive your Original Boyfriend Pillow, youll experience your sweetest Snuggle and Slumber!

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