Delicore Battery Operated Night Light Led Marquee Sign With Wireless Remote Control For Kids' Room, Bedroom, Gift, Party, Home Decorations(White Star)

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  • Light Up Your Home with Star -Star shaped light shines with 11 LED warm white lights.

  • Size approx (W*D*H): 10.79 x 1.85 x 10.28

  • Integrated hanging hook holes for ease of display on wall or just rest on mantle, shelf, table or dresser

  • Main Power via 2 x AA battery(not included),It comes with a Smart 10 Meters Range of Remote Control which with On/Off,Dimmer+/-,Timing turn off lights in 10mins or 20mins or 30mins for Options.

  • Perfect for Bedroom, Nursery and Baby's Room Decor, Gift for home

  • Color : Star

Light Up Your Home with Star

1. Create a warm and romantic atmosphere with 10 warm white LED lights.
2. Used as everyday home decor, great for mantel, picture window, baby room or as photo/set props.
3. An attention grabber and dras the apex of your wedding, party, special event, etc.

Portable & Versatile

1. LED Remote Control, You can operate without getting up. 2.Cordless battery operated, safe and convenient with ON and OFF switch on the back.
3. Integrated hanging hook holes for ease of display on wall or just rest on mantle, self, table or dresser.
4. Can be displayed standalone or combined with other pieces to create an eclectic lighting installation.

Durable & Energy-Saving & Economic
1. LED bulb produces no heat after long-time use.
2. Plastic exterior, sturdy but not too heavy.

1. No power outlet needed. It requires 2 X AA batteries (not included) with the on/off switch on the back.
2. Designed mainly for decorative purpose. Cannot be taken as a substitute of daily lighting.

1. Store the light in a cool and dry place and remove batteries if product is not to be used for a long time.
2. Please handle this product with care to avoid damage to the bulbs.
3. If hanging, please ensure the hook has some extra space for easier operation on the switch. . . . .