Chakra Banner Poster - 9 X 36 Inches, Flower Of Life, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Art, Yoga Art, Beautiful!

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  • Align, strengthen and balance your Chakras with Sacred Geometry and Sanskrit Symbols!

  • Enhance your sacred space with this exquisitely detailed and vibrantly beautiful visual meditation guide of the chakras.

  • Easy to frame! Recommendation for framing listed below in product description ~ also included with your order.

  • Printed with vegetable inks on recycled paper, soft gloss finish!

  • An eco-friendly product, US Copyright protected! Angelic Art is the original artist, 100% made in the USA!

As consciousness radiates out from the Source, it organizes itself into vast geometric patterns - flowing at the speed of Light. White Light differentiates Itself into the color spectrum - each color frequency is an expression of an aspect of Divine Mind. Within the human energy field, the chakras are specifically organized to express attributes of human consciousness. The Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Chakra Banner is an energy activation and healing meditation. It is designed to awaken the observer to a deeper level of awareness. Simply stand in front of the banner, gazing softly at each symbol and the geometry. Allow the image to be absorbed into your energy field. By accessing the underlying energetic structure of our chakras, we strengthen ourselves on all levels of our Being. This beautiful poster is 9 x 36 inches, medium size, printed in vivid colors using vegetable inks on high quality 100lb weight paper. It has a soft gloss finish and is composed of up to 55% post-consumer recycled materials. This is an Eco-Friendly Product and is shipped in a sturdy poster tube. (It is easy to frame ~ ~ specify 9 x 36 ~ they are also on Amazon!) Namaste! Lisa (This image is copyright protected and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the owner.)