6Pcs 2 Sets Of Bottle Cleaning Brushes Kitchen Nylon Multifunction Clean Brush Set (L.&G.)

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  • *6pcs cleaning Bottle Brushes set. Different sizes, Multiple uses

  • *A cup brush with Rich bristles, A smaller brush suitable for cup lids, An elongated brush suitable for straws

  • *Stainless steel brushes handle, Resilient and Bendable, do not let any stains off

  • *Stainless steel pole, Nylon brush head

  • Nylon bottle cleaning brushes,stronger strength than sponge brush

  • curved brush head makes it easier to clean the nooks

  • *TOTAL LENGTH (MM): 280

  • 210

  • 90----BRUSH HEAD LENGTH (MM): 100

  • 70

  • 45----BRISTLES LENGTH(MM): 15

  • 5

  • 10

  • Color : White

  • Size : one size

Items in package: 2 sets, 6pcs

bottle brush makes light work of cleaning babies bottles, milk bottles or general recycling. The long lasting flexible bristles giving a squeaky clean finish
Total length for each(approx): 280mm; 210mm; 90mm
Brush head length for each(approx): 100mm; 70mm; 45mm
Notice: Do not use it on any fragile items. After use, be sure to rinse the brush well and dry it before storing it. If the bristles bend, they can be straightened when the brush is dipped in hot water for several minutes. Keep away from fire. Use only for intended purpose.