2017 Texas (Spanish) Labor Law Poster State & Federal Compliant Laminated

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  • Spanish edition of the Texas Labor Law Poster - highly recommended if you have employees that use English as a second language

  • 2017 Updates Included: 08/2016 Federal revisions, Workers' Compensation, OSHA, Minimum Wage, + All Mandatory Postings

  • Meets all mandatory business requirements to protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes

  • Leading Labor Law Center company servicing the most fortune 1000 companies & small businesses

  • Laminated 25 x 39 all-in-one complete poster with the most up-to-date state and federal labor law posting

The laminated 25 x 39 Texas all-in-one labor law poster has the most recent 2017 Texas and federal labor law postings that meet business requirements to protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes. It includes Texas's most recent updates including the Notification of the Ombudsman Program and Workers' Compensation updates as well as the August 2016 mandatory federal revisions. State, Federal and OSHA labor law posters are required postings that must be posted at the workplace when there are one or more employees. Posting current posters as laws change is mandatory as well. Our Texas All-In-One State, Federal, OSHA Labor Law Poster satisfies this requirement.

Thousands of businesses such as medical offices, retail stores, restaurants, professional offices and much more currently post our Labor Law Posters to be in compliance.

Labor Law Poster - FAQs

Q: Do we need to have our posters in Spanish?

A: If more than 5% of your employees use English as a second language (ESL), then Spanish versions of the labor law posters are required in the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, New York and Texas. But, It is highly recommended that employers with Spanish speaking employees post labor law posters in both English and Spanish because it is the employers' responsibility to ensure that each employee is informed of their workplace rights under state and federal employment laws.

Q: How many posters do I need?

A: The posting requirements for state and federal employment notices are that posters must be accessible by all employees on a regular or daily basis. If all your employees do not report to a central location on a regular basis, then you are required to post the notices at each building to meet your obligations.

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